CPD Services


Design service with a difference:

  • you enjoy the fun and satisfaction of creating your own 'product' whilst solving particular design needs and avoiding compromise with 'off the shelf' items
  • design needs are discussed on site - the total context of the commission is addressed, enabling complete exploration of options to suit the site
  • time is saved finding the right person for the job - select a reliable designer / maker from a comprehensive collection of folios - workmanship guaranteed
  • ownership -- each work is made to reflect the client's preferences and is not duplicated for anyone else
  • costs controlled - you are informed of the costs involved with each aspect of the commission - this means no nasty surprises with 'over budgets'
  • quality is controlled - due to the one on one nature of every commission, CPD avoids the 'faceless suppliers' scenario, this assures the client of high standards of workmanship, allows for adjustments and the opportunity to inspect each stage of the 'manufacture'
  • maximum flexibility - infinite options - no 'discontinued' lines- CPD makes all its own products. its' large resource of talent and skills enables coordination of works across a wide range of media, integration of interior and exterior design needs or expansion of a feature at any time
  • efficient project management - client meets the maker of their product and is kept informed of progress throughout as Carole Pemberton attends to detail and personally manages each  project from beginning to end